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HS-36 Series
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HS 36 Series

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HS 36 Series Gear Type Hydraulic Starter

click picGear Motor Hydraulic Starters

  • Friction Clutch Inertia Drives
    These starters are adapted from PRQ’s 23/24 and 60/61 series air starters.
  • They can be purchased with or without motors.
  • Both use friciton clutch starter drives.


  • Continuous duty motors
  • S.A.E. mounting pads
  • Heavy-duty starter drives
  • Models to fit both sides of multi-pad engines
  • Can be purchased less motor
  • Side and rear ports

    HS-222 1 cu. in. (16.4 cc)
    HS-223 2 cu. in. (32.8 cc)
    HS-224 3 cu. in. (49.2 cc)
    HS-360 5.15 cu. in (84.3 cc)

HS starters are now available with a Smart-R-Valve™ i nstalled and tested at the factory. How easy is that?

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